August 24, 2010

What Are Values?

valuesPut simply, values are the principles we live by. They are the things that make us tick; the things that drive you. Values and how we integrated them into our life is what makes us who we are.

For instance, things like privacy, balance, passion, privacy, adventure and spirituality are values. They are things you can hold dear and make a cornerstone of your life. When you’re really happy, a value is being honored. Consequently, when you’re upset, when life is hectic and crazy and seems unbalanced and like you’re floating in space without a tether, it means a value of yours is being threatened.

It is also important to understand where your values come from. Some values arise from fear. You have these values because you “have to” in order to avoid or prevent certain problems from occurring. The other type of value is a conscious-based value. There are the “want to” type values.

A value is more likely to stick and have a positive impact on your life if it is coming from the conscious-based type. If you’re choosing the value, for instance passion, you’re likely to fight for it and be excited about its existence.

What are yours and where are they coming from?

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