January 24, 2012

Why You Should Have a Difficult Talk

As I wrote two weeks ago, your values will guide your difficult talk. Understanding what you value and what is important in your life, will guide you in deciding whether to have a difficult talk and how to approach it.

A Difficult Talk is not an angry talk. It is meant to be productive. It is meant to make things better.

If we take a look at values, let’s start at honesty. How do you know if that value is being challenged?

You and your boss have been working hard together in cohesion and are beginning to see the fruits of your labor. But then something happens. All of a sudden your boss begins to keep information from you. And you hear it through the grapevine that you apparently dropped the ball on something (which you didn’t). But nevertheless, you are beginning to get cut out of the loop. You mention it to your boss and he says he is too busy and forgot to give you the new information. So, now not only is your boss not being honest, but is lying, either by commission or omission depending which side you believe. A Difficult Talk is now needed.

What can come of having a tough talk?

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