Roos Consulting and Alan Cohen Executive Coaching Merge To Form The Roos Cohen Group, Strategic Business Advisors
New Company Launches With Three Unique Programs for the Business Community: Evolving Entrepreneur (TM), UpGame Advisors (TM) and Power Negotiations

(New York – February 2, 2015) The New York-based firms, Roos Consulting and Alan Cohen Executive Coaching, have merged to form The Roos Cohen Group, Strategic Business Advisors, effective immediately.
The announcement was made today by Larendee Roos of Roos Consulting, and Alan Cohen of Alan Cohen Executive Coaching.

“In combining the resources and capabilities of the two companies, The Roos Cohen Group will provide a wider range of services to more organizations, including business strategy consulting, executive advisory services and the licensing of its business development systems,” commented Cohen.

“We are on a mission to help executives authentically lead and live life their way. We want them to experience freedom in relationships, to earn without limits, and to share their inspiration and vision from a place of compassion and strength,” added Roos.

About The Partners
Larendee Roos is a Strategic Business Advisor, whose talent lies in quickly discovering underdeveloped systems and opportunities for her clients. She uses her degree in psychology, two decades of experience in executive management and her training in strategic intervention to bring about positive professional and personal transformations. Her clients learn to find purpose in their work while enjoying an increasing bottom line.

She has also facilitated optimal outcomes for stakeholders through negotiating multi-million dollar acquisitions, mergers, partner disputes, real estate transactions and employer-employee disputes.

Larendee started her business strategy consulting practice in 2003, helping start-ups and established businesses grow. Formerly she was the Executive Vice President of Extra Space Storage, a national real estate investment trust responsible for leading the teams that analyzed, developed, and implemented all of the systems for tactical sales, marketing, operations, accounting, acquisitions, mergers, and business development.

Alan Cohen is a Strategic Business Communications Advisor who, for over two decades, has been helping leaders communicate more effectively. This has positively impacted the performance and growth of their companies and organizations.

Before forming his own consulting and coaching practice, Alan Cohen Executive Coaching, he served as Director of Publicity for Scholastic Children’s Publishing, where he led the publicity team promoting the acclaimed Harry Potter book series, and introduced the books to the United States market. Also, at Scholastic, he served as Director of Corporate Training and Development, where he established and supervised the company’s management training curriculum.

Previously. Alan served as the Communications Director for The Broadway League, the commercial theatre’s national trade association, which is best known for presenting the Tony Awards. His most notable contribution there was leading the crisis communications team during the Broadway stagehands strike.

Alan is the author of “Those Difficult Talks for PR Pros,” and has facilitated successful negotiations using the framework for difficult talks featured in the book.

Alan has an MBA from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business and is an accredited member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and one of only 2,500 Professional Certified Coaches in the world.

The Roos Cohen Group’s key areas of focus are:
Strategic Business Consulting – with a specialty in strategic planning for growing businesses, business plan consulting, negotiations among key stakeholders, and communications and public relations counsel.

UpGame ™ Advisors – a program through which members receive training and ongoing support in business development and business strategy, where they become a part of a referral network and community of service professionals. In addition, companies and individuals looking to hire service professionals have a community of vetted experts from which to choose.

Evolving Entrepreneur ™ – a group Mastermind program for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and executives in transition. Those participating in Evolving Entrepreneur ™ benefit from having multiple advisors with specialties in operations, marketing, communications, sales, and business plan and business strategy consulting, to guide their lives and business.

For more information about The Roos Cohen Group, please visit or call (347) 762-0673.



This week’s newsletter is dedicated to the fine art and science of ideation, innovation and creativity, topics near and dear to my heart.

The contents of this newsletter this week is reprinted with the permission of my good friends at Idea Champions (

Many companies these days, are singing the praises of innovation and creativity. As the economy continues to contract, forward-thinking organizations are increasingly looking for new ways to get an edge, go beyond the status quo, and differentiate themselves from the competition. To kickstart their efforts, they usually seek new ideas and strategies, both incremental and breakthrough – new seeds of possibility sometimes referred to as the “fuzzy front end of innovation.” There are, of course, many ways a company can accomplish this. One way is to provide a selected group of internal change agents with the tools and knowhow to facilitate much more effective and productive ideation, or brainstorm, sessions. That’s what this newsletter is all about.

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.”

- John Cage


One tenet from the popular “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, a book whose advice on military strategy has been converted to the business world, tells us that “Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought.” While we imagine that’s perfectly true for war, we KNOW that’s perfectly true for facilitating brainstorm sessions. And we also know that preparation is one area where most brainstorm sessions fail before they ever happen. There is MUCH an effective brainstorm facilitator has to do before the participants ever walk into the ideation room, from preparing the room to preparing his/her own state of mind. One such element most often overlooked is having identified the right question to brainstorm. Another is to connect with the participants, one on one, beforehand in order to get their perspective and get them thinking about the challenge to be addressed in the brainstorm.

Yes, the effort you make before facilitating a brainstorm session is key to your success. But so is the effort that comes after. All too often, however, the post-brainstorm process is more like the old Albert and Costello “Who’s On First?” routine … but not nearly as funny. A confused scramble. Part voodoo. Part hustling to round up the horses after the barn door has been left open. If you want to get the most possible value from the brainstorm sessions you lead, get your post-session game plan together at least 48 hours before your session even begins. Understand what your role is in the follow-up phase as well as the role of your internal client. Set up debrief or pitch meetings ahead of time. And figure out what kind of support champions will need to move selected ideas through “the system.”

Here’s what usually happens.


Many of my clients tell me that they brainstorm regularly. But when we observe their sessions, it soon becomes apparent that what they call brainstorm sessions are actually more like brain-mist sessions … or maybe brain-drain sessions. Lots of coffee. Lots of sneak peaks at smart phones. Lots of plate-spinning by the facilitator, but with questionable results - usually leading to an overall feeling of malaise, doubt, and the palpable dread of having to lead or participate in future sessions. That’s why I have partnered with Idea Champions, an innovation consulting company, and am  inviting anyone within driving distance of NYC to join us, on 11/19, for 90 minutes to get a fresh look at the art and science of brainstorming, kickstarting their own process of becoming more effective facilitators of ideation. No charge. No hustle. No thousand-calorie muffins.  If you like what you experience with us, we can explore next steps at your leisure.

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