April 24, 2011

Employee Engagement


Be honest: do you feel like your employees are fully committed to you, to their work, to your organization’s success? Are they thinking like “owners” or “renters”?

Have you lost your people?

Okay. The first thing to realize is this: No one at your organization is going to get anywhere until everyone there is upbeat and on board ““ until they’re all plugged in.

Alan Cohen’s PLUGGED-IN PEOPLE workshop will teach you how to harness your inner Lombardi and rally your troops so that you’ll generate and amplify their own enthusiasm and energy, rather than trying to force yours down their throats.


  • Teach your team why they really do want a leader
  • Why your “leadership quotient” is the one thing that will determine whether you can be the captain your people need
  • Shows you how people want to be challenged
  • How encouraging people to aim high not only flatters them, but also motivates them
  • Will reveal the hidden power behind trust and respect – and how to wield them effectively and stealthily

This powerful workshop also moves beyond the theory into the practical use of language, attitude and gestures that reinforce your belief in your people. We’ll discuss how to take ego out of the equation when building effective teams, and how to avoid the pitfalls that occur when crewing people with diverse talents and viewpoints.

PLUGGED-IN PEOPLE will help you build morale, strengthen bonds, amp up confidence and get your people charging out of the tunnel with fire, determination and an unquenchable thirst for success.