April 24, 2011

Energy Leadership


Humans are leaders. We can’t help it. Some are public leaders: politicians or teachers. But all of us are leaders in one way or another. Because leading is simply the act of influencing others and what human beings do all day long is influence each other and their surroundings.

So believe it: YOU are a leader. You can’t escape it. And you shouldn’t want to. Being a leader is an honor and a privilege.

Instead, what you can do is work to become the best leader you can be. This is where the Alan Cohen Executive Coaching ENERGY LEADERSHIP workshop comes in.

ENERGY LEADERSHIP is a multi-stage program designed to help you reach your fullest potential as a leader ““ and then keep going. It’s a highly personalized process whereby we examine the way you connect with the world, your community and your organization and look for ways to maximize every interaction you have.

What are we hunting for? Lots of things, but most fundamentally: positive energy.

Energy is what drives us, what motivates us, and quite literally what moves us. And as a leader, it’s up to you to know that your energy and will have a profound influence on everyone around you.

Everything we are and everything that surrounds us is made up of energy, both positive and negative. ENERGY LEADERSHIP is the process by which we purge our interactions of negative, destructive and counter-productive patterns and replace them with behavior that is positive, helpful … and that produces results that count.

Alan Cohen Executive Coaching’s ENERGY LEADERSHIP workshop will take you to an entirely new level of thinking about your role as a leader of groups and individuals. We’ll teach you the Seven Levels Of Leadership, identify the strengths and pressure points in your leadership style, and help you plan your Leadership Roadmap.

We’ll then move into concrete, ground-level strategies that will help you solve real-world problems as they arise, bring others around to your way of thinking, deploy emotions intelligently, strategically and ethically, and productively cope with territorial, defensive and adversarial colleagues.

Further components include the ENERGY LEADERSHIP INDEX – a singular assessment tool that allows you to look nakedly and honestly at your perceptions, attitudes and behaviors without flinching. The ELI provides a baseline for those wishing to continue on into the full ENERGY LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM.

No matter how many components of the ENERGY LEADERSHIP SYSTEM you participate in, you’ll leave with an enhanced understanding, appreciation and love of your work, your organization, yourself and your world.